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Alright all, all I'm asking is for some voting. The website is: homecookingstar.ning.com. Go to the site, try out my recipe called 'Buddha's BBQ Sauce' and vote for me. Then, tell a friend. I need all the support I can get, so go vote! If you want a more direct way to vote for me without joining up the site and you just wanna vote for me for the stuff you've seen that I've posted on the couple of blogs and my sparkling personality jump right to the voting page. - http://www.quimble.com/js/how_to/14740 and just hit 'vote now'

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Porkchops ala cranberry!
Well, I'm into entering cooking contests online and see if I can actually win anything, and anyway.. this is the latest creation. Lemme know what you think. Thanks!

The picture is a bit shit, but you should kind of get the idea... kind of.

Basically what it is it's a pan seared boneless pork chop that was finished in the oven ontop of baby spinach and diced baby carrots. Ontop of all that there's a cranberry / orange vinegar dressing that I made to top it off.

- buddha

Home Cooking Star
Hey all, thanks to all of your guys' help I made it to the top 100 in the Home Cooking Star contest ( www.homecookingstar.com ). Anyway, I need your guys' help a little more to bring it home.  The name's 'Craig Thompson.' Click the badge below to go to the site and hit 'vote now.'

Thanks for all your guys' help!

 - Buddha

A little bit of help, please...
So, some of you know that I'm a home cook and that I'm looking to go pro. I've gotten into a culinary school but the money's coming up short. I'm just asking for a little help. All you gotta do is visit this site
and watch the movie to vote for me in the contest. With any bit of luck I'll be able to go to an even better school. Yay.

Thanks for the help.

 - buddha

Essay for College Scholarship
The following is an essay I wrote for a college scholarship that I desperately need to pursue my dreams of attending culinary school this fall. Since, I can't get approved for a student loan. >.< Lemme know what you think. The topic was the following :

Many experts believe that voter turnout continues to decline because people have lost faith in their political leaders. Do you agree or disagree? and Why?

Have America's youth lost trust in it's leaders? Simply to say, yes. Has it caused the youth of America to vote in staggeringly low numbers? Again, yes. The question to really answer is why? Why have the young people in America come to be bitter towards the elitist government? The answer is simple really. There's no connection. Sure, Obama has joined myspace, but does that really mean he knows America's youth? No. Sure, P-Diddy or daddy and whatever other newly famous person on Mtv are out there trying to tell us that if we don't vote we might die. Is that really getting the message across that we need to do it? No, not really, not at all. You see, politics and government being one of my favorite things to discuss and debate (even at the workplace) when I'm talking to someone the same age, or maybe a little younger then myself I always get the same answer. "What's the point?" Besides not having another Bush in the White House, the point would be simply that you may not get your way, but at least you are, in one fashion giving your opinion. In the last election America gave it's opinion that it was tired of the Republican / GOP tactics and government. So, the majority won. Now the usual argument to this would be "Well, what about in 2000 when the loser got more votes?" That.. is another reason why I think the youth have become disillusioned with politics. The electoral collage. Most people know now that their direct vote doesn't really matter and that it does come down to this system that was conceived because the founding father's didn't believe the common person was smart enough to elect his own leader. Ending this dire argument all I can simply say is there a point. There's always a point. We want freedoms we want our voice heard in government, and as many in history have proven one person can make a difference either for the worst (Hitler) or for the better (Ghandi). If you believe in something and are so passionate, why not stand on a soap box in the middle of a busy park and spout your beliefs?

More people to laugh at on AoL.
The following is a real conversation between myself and some broad that randomly IM'd me. Now usually when someone IM's me asking my a/s nonsense I usually tell them I'm a tranny and that I was knocked up by my 'daddy.' However, with a SN like this, I had to see what might happen.

njbootylicious3 [11:31 P.M.]: 
II buddha ll [11:32 P.M.]:  23/m/ny/r?
njbootylicious3 [11:32 P.M.]:  race
II buddha ll [11:32 P.M.]:  Oh, I'm a white boy.
njbootylicious3 [11:32 P.M.]:  o
njbootylicious3 [11:32 P.M.]:  my man is a white boy
II buddha ll [11:32 P.M.]:  I love a good booty though?
njbootylicious3 [11:32 P.M.]:  e
II buddha ll [11:33 P.M.]:  Got any pics?
njbootylicious3 [11:33 P.M.]:  in pri
njbootylicious3 [11:33 P.M.]:  o
II buddha ll [11:33 P.M.]:  I couldn't see them cause your profile is private or something. I hate that bebo nonsense.
njbootylicious3 [11:33 P.M.]:  io
njbootylicious3 [11:33 P.M.]:  o
II buddha ll [11:35 P.M.]:  Got any pics of the 'bootylicious'-ness?
njbootylicious3 [11:35 P.M.]:  lol\
njbootylicious3 [11:36 P.M.]:  myspace.com/xoxokristinxoxo88\

So, I go to her myspace page expecting a nice butt.. and this is what I'm greeted with

Now, I know I'm looker myself.. but really? And look at the butt. I was really a sad buddha when I saw it.

II buddha ll [11:37 P.M.]:  ... you know...
njbootylicious3 [11:37 P.M.]:  wat
II buddha ll [11:37 P.M.]:  with a SN like that, you'd think you'd have a nice butt.
II buddha ll [11:37 P.M.]:  One of the big plump round bootys.
njbootylicious3 [11:37 P.M.]:  lol
II buddha ll [11:38 P.M.]:  Yours is rather flat, and uninviting. =\
njbootylicious3 [11:38 P.M.]:  wateva

Anyway, more examples of stupidity on AoL to come. This one was brought to you the ugly white women who think they're ghetto black women.

 - Buddha

*EDIT* So after having a friend read the previous he had only this to say
dale       fails: How do you stand like that comfortably, btw?
dale       fails: Lol.
II buddha ll: Lol
dale       fails: And the comment..
dale       fails: "my man is one of those..."
InnerBeauty215: RANDOMNESS!
dale       fails: SHE IS ONE OF THOSE!
dale       fails: ;x
krlg6117: 25/f pa, anyone wanna chat?
II buddha ll: I thought the same thing.
Floridafnman: hey krl
dale       fails: hahaha
Retleo1: Im looking to party!!?!? Im Me on KrissyG213
krlg6117: hey whats up?
dale       fails: Looked like screach's illegitimate sister.
dale       fails: ;x
dale       fails: screech*
II buddha ll: rofl

Internet Tough Guys
     What's the deal with people trying to play the tough guy in internet chatrooms? I mean, what's the point, really? All you end up doing is making yourself look like you belong in the special olympics, and just a general idiot.  On top of it the people that do it type like retards screw. Now, I like to think of myself as a keyboard warrior. Okay, I don't really <b>like</b> to think of myself like that. I guess I'm just a realist. Anyway...
     Being a 'keyboard warrior' I go to a lot of chat rooms and chat. I generally like the 'bored' chatroom on AoL. I'm a semi-regular and know most of the regulars on a namely basis. Not really proud of this, again, but hey.. it's life.  We'd be chatting pretending to know shit about music or movies or just some random bullshit, coicedently the most popular topic is sex and booze. Anyway, then some wise guy has to come in and try to be the sarcastic tough guy. Who pretends to have a witty repitoire thinking they're better then the rest of sitting in an AoL chatroom. Anyway, I don't even know what the point of this paticuliar post is besides the fact that I'm obviously bored.
     Look for me on AoL - ii buddha ll.

-  Buddha

Writer's Block: End of the World as We Know It
Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?
     My guess? Zombies. oh yeah, what better way to end this place known as Earth due to some freak accident in some Area 51-ish bunker somewhere that turns a bunch of rednecks stupid enough to live around a place where it's obvious something freaky is going on at night into mind gnawing zombies. Sounds like a good time to me. 
     I don't buy into global warming yet, because quite frankly up here in Northern New York, it's still pretty fuckin' cold. This whole 'super flu' or 'swine flu' is just another story made for the media whore hypochondriac to get in a frenzy about. I mean, I am a cook, and I do love pork like I feel like I'm cheating on my girlfriend anytime I eat it.. so, my thoughts on that subject might be a little jaded. 
     Meteor coming down and blowing us up? Plausible, but I've seen too many sci-fi movies with the same premise, and guess what? We always figure a way out. So, even if we have to call in Bruce Willis to do it for real, I have my reservations.
     Nuclear Weapons seems to be the most expected real idea that would bring about the end of the planet, but as long as we ( the US) don't use them I think we'll be safe. Even if Iraq or Iran or who the hell ever over there does actually get the technology to do it, there aren't enough towel heads to pool together to throw the rocket far enough to do anyone damage but themselves.

- Buddha

The 'Culinary Underbelly' of Potsdam
      Alright, so here's the thing. After five years of working for Wal-Mart and fighting like hell to get the promotion I had so been striving. After sitting in the posisition for a good eight months. I up and step down then quit. Why? Because I want to cook. So, where do I go? I didn't really have anything lined up when I put in my notice at work, but a few days after I put in half a dozen applications I get an interview at the Riveredge Resort out in Alex Bay. Yaaay. So, where do I work today? The Cactus Grill in Potsdam.
     How did I end up here? Well, I'm still not all that sure myself. Either way, I'm not doing what I wanted to be doing. I'm assembling burrito's and slopping stuff on dirty plates. I guess everyone needs to start somewhere, but it seems there's bottom... and then there's what I'm doing. I'm not putting down the people I work they seem happy working there for the menial wages that Larry offers, which makes me ask.. the waitrons on the floor make the same as the people in the kitchen, and yet they make tips. Does that seem fair? Doesn't it seem like the kitchen should make a bit more since they don't have the opportunity to earn tips? I dunno, nature of the game I suppose. Either way, the people I work with seems happy, and why shouldn't they be? They eat and drink there for free. As long as the owner or the 'chef' isn't there.
     'Chef' HA. This guy puts on a berret and a chef's coat then goes and get's sloshed at the bar. He buys all the sauces and nothing that I've seen is really 'made' at the restaurant. That doesn't ring to me to be a very good chef. Apparently he has a geology degree, so what brought him into wanting to be a 'chef' and does he even have any chef training, besides simply being hired and given a coat? I don't know, but I don't like the looks of things....

Buddha - OUT

Buddha hates you all
Alright, here's the thing. Here in this adopted city of mine, there lies scumbags, white trash, and just an overall dumpiness. Why? I mean, I came from Las Vegas, a city where once waiting for a bus I saw a completely drunk homeless guy sitting next to a power box shadowboxing. A city, where a guy tried for three hours to try to sell me a porn mag on a public bus.

     What is it about this city that just brings this kind of dumpy aura, and just makes it that much more apprent than in the city of sin? Can someone explain this? I certainly don't know, and it seems that it just seems to be getting worse, and worse. I've been noticing it more lately, but why? Everyone knows Ogdensburg, can someone explain this to me?

     Just a few miles down the road you have a small town, which I'm sure does have scumbags and the likes of the same people, but I've lived there as well, and you just don't seem to notice it. Instead you have a town of mostly middle aged  or elderly people who's kids couldn't wait to get out of there for college. I love when people when ask me where I came from and then can't believe the answer I get. Vegas, was just another city, you know? It had it's problems just like a Canton, or an Ogdensburg would, that's one reason why I wanted to come here in the first place. A big city gets tiring, espically one as fake as Las Vegas... anyway, where was I? Ah yes, Canton. Then another ten miles down the road you have Potsdam, populated by college kids during the semesters. It seems a little more upbeat and buzzy, the kind of small town I really wouldn't mind living in. It seems to have the downtown life that you could like and hang out in, unlike the city of sin.

     Speaking of the City of Sin, what's the hooker situation here? I mean, it's the worlds oldest profession, but... does upstate NY not have any working girls? If it does it certainly doesn't seem to be thriving like the streetwalkers did back home. I don't know.... and I can't wait to go back to school.

Buddha - OUT.

P.S. - Your comments, much appreciated. ciao.

( Originally posted on myspace 4-24-09. Moving the blog to lj. )


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